Spider bursts out of banana (video)

Terrifying moment trapped spider crawls out of banana captured on camera


The last thing you want before tucking into a banana is for a huge spider to crawl out of it. That's what one person allegedly experienced - and they captured the terrifying moment on camera to put you off bananas for life.

In the video, a spider is seen seemingly trapped inside the banana. Movement can be seen before the creature makes a hole in the skin and bursts out of the banana.

The footage has been viewed over 1.4 million times on YouTube but not all viewers are convinced it is genuine.

One YouTube user wrote: "too fake, spider looks CGI and the banana peel opens like wet tissue paper, even the banana moves, a spider that big is not going to move the banana."

Another said: "Looks like something was in there. However, not to be nit-picky, but spiders breathe through their skin. The inside of a banana is wet and the spider came out dry. In reality, the spider would have drowned or suffocated. All in all, though, well done for the animation. It's brilliant. Even the spider looked surprised."

Whether the video is real or a fake, it still managed to put a few people off the fruit.

One social media wrote: "I'm never eating bananas again".

YouTube user thom dushane said: "This is why I stick to fast food, nothing can survive in a Taco Time crispy beef Burrito."

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