Passengers escape onto plane's wing after 'cabin fills with smoke'

"When the plane started descending you could start smelling the fuel"


Passengers on an Allegiant Air flight were forced to exit the aircraft onto the plane's wing after the cabin was reportedly filled with fumes.

A photo of the passengers standing on the wing was shared on Twitter and after the incident at Boise Airport in Idaho.

Flight 330 had landed at the airport from Los Angeles and passengers reported smoke and the smell of fuel on board.

Blanca Robles, who flew with the low-cost airline, told the Idaho Statesman: "When the plane started descending you could start smelling the (fuel). When we landed it started getting stronger."

Deana Purkiss, who was with her husband and three children, said: "There were some people who were taking their time and some people panicking."

According to ABC News, a fuel spill as the plane was at the gate.

Boise Airport spokesman Sean Briggs said passengers saw vapour coming from the spill which they thought was smoke.

Passenger Niki Hughes said: "They did not make any announcements to the rest of the plane until they noticed that someone had opened the emergency exit."

No injuries were reported and it is unclear what caused the spill.

In 2014, passengers were forced to evacuate an Emiratesplane via emergency chutes after smoke filled the cabin at Pakistan's largest airport.

All 82 passengers and crew jumped down the chutes just minutes before the plane was due to take off at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

The Dubai-bound plane had just pushed back from the gate when an emergency was declared. It came to a halt on the tarmac as smoke poured out of the cabin.

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