New beach sign tells pet owners to keep dogs quiet

Barking dogs putting off tourists from visiting St Ives beauty spot, according to residents


Dog walkers have been told to keep their pets quiet on a beach in St Ives, Cornwall.

The St Ives Town Council has put up a sign warning pet owners to be considerate to other visitors at picturesque Bamaluz beach.

It reads: 'Dog owners are asked to be considerate to other beach users and to local residents. Please try not to have a barking dog on the beach for prolonged periods.'

According to Cornishman, locals took a petition to the town council requesting action after more than 50 dogs were on the beach at one time.

Bamaluz beach at St. Ives, Cornwall.

But St Ives Dog Owners Group member Suzanne Halliwell said: "The reality is this is the only truly dog-friendly beach in St Ives and to suggest that dogs should be kept quiet when there is so much other seaside noise around like seagulls, children and chatter is a nonsense."

Councillor Tamsyn Williams, of the town's community and environment committee, told the Daily Mail: "People came to us complaining there'd be dogs down on the dog beach barking incessantly.

"I had huge sympathies with that because I live at the top of the hill and I can hear a dog barking on the beach from right up there.

"The sign was just to remind owners that the noise of the barking is loud, especially early in the morning when people are still in bed."

The town council passed new dog control orders in 2013 banning dogs from all beaches during the summer, with the exception of Bamaluz, Lambeth Walk and Harbour beach.

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