Weird and wonderful places to get married

Have you considered tying the knot on top of a mountain?

Unusual places to get married

Decided to get hitched but hoping to do something a bit different? Forget diamond encrusted tiaras, and over-the-top bridal gowns, why not ditch the chapel for somewhere a little more adventurous?

How about doing it on the top of Everest while overlooking the Himalayas? Or saying 'I do' 14,000 feet up in the air before taking a leap of faith together?

Or perhaps horror is more your style? If so,why not tie the knot in Bran Castle, Romania the inspiration for Dracula?

With the help of online experience day website Into The Blue, we've put together a list of ten rather unusual (and some would say downright daft) places to get married around the world.

Why not take a look at our slideshow below to find out more about the crazy places where you can become man and wife!

Unusual places to get married

Unusual places to get married

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