Brits are the biggest beach bores of all

Guess which European nation doesn't have as much fun in the sun as everyone else on their summer holiday...

Shielding From Sunburn

We all love a beach holiday, right? The joys of flying and flopping cannot be overrated, after all - and surely lounging on a beach all day is what holidays were invented for.

Well not everyone agrees. In fact, Brits have been named Europe's biggest beach bores -not only because they spend so much time lying about on the sand, but because they're pretty dull when they're doing it. According to a new poll from, we're a bunch of prudes.

New research from has found that Brits tend to be prudish on the beach and a third admitted to being unhappy if their partners sunbathe topless. In contrast, mischievous Europeans admit to indulging in beach antics, such as going commando on the beach (Spaniards 16 per cent, Germans 11 per cent), building rude sand sculptures (Spaniards 21 per cent, Italians 19 per cent) and even engaging in naughty shenanigans on the beach (Spaniards 16 per cent, Italians 14 per cent).

The most social on the beach are Italians (42 per cent) and Germans (35 per cent). Germans and Spanish beachgoers are also the biggest beach flirters.

Sometimes socialising and social media is done in secret with some taking sneaky photos of other attractive sunbathers (Italians and Spaniards each six per cent). Taking beach selfies (Spaniards 38 per cent, Italians 32 per cent) is also popular.

But these are beach disciplines in which the Brits consistently achieved the lowest scores of all countries, making them officially Europe's biggest beach bores of 2015.

Brits are the least vain on the beach though, along with Germans, who just want to have a good time and let it all hang out. Both nations have the lowest beach vanity in Europe and are the least likely to get a fake tan, hit the gym, lose weight or ditch carbs ahead of a holiday.

Meanwhile, 54 per cent of British travellers say they feel confident about their beach body with almost half admitting they would sunbathe naked.

Do you consider yourself a beach bore, or do you let go on holiday? Let us know below!

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