Panic at Alton Towers as another ride evacuated

Passengers evacuated from ride one week after Smiler rollercoaster crash

Panic at Alton Towers as another ride evacuated

Passengers were evacuated from a ride at Alton Towers on Wednesday just a week after a rollercoaster crash left four people with serious injuries.

Parents and children wore harnesses clipped to railings as they were evacuated from the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure, based on the popular CBeebies show.

It is believed the evacuation occurred after a fault brought the ride to a halt, and a passenger then became agitated.

According to the Mirror, the theme park released a statement saying: "On 10 June, an incident occurred when, for unknown reasons, a guest became agitated on the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure.

"In line with standard procedures, this led to the ride being evacuated. Alton Towers resort staff followed all normal processes to ensure guests were taken off the ride quickly and safely."

Standard procedure would normally allow for a ride to be reset if it had come to a stop, but the ride was evacuated because a passenger was uncomfortable with the situation.

Speaking to the Guardian, a witness said: "I glanced over and noticed a guy with safety harnesses on. I was on another ride at that point. When I got off, they were taking people off the Octonauts ride. At that point, Alton Towers operatives with helmets and harnesses on were involved.

"My wife and I just decided to leave the park at that point with our children."

A teenage girl, Leah Washington, had to have her leg amputated after last week's crash on The Smiler ride.

It is believed she was kept alive on a machine in intensive care when she first arrived in hospital.

Merlin Entertainment, owners of Alton Towers, are now preparing to make substantial payouts to the victims of the crash, which saw a carriage carrying 16 people crash into another carriage, which was empty.

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