Man almost crushed getting off a ferry (video)

Impatient man narrowly escapes being crushed to death


Man almost crushed getting off a ferry (video)

One man has given everybody a lesson in how not to get off a ferry - and the whole scene was caught on camera.

The man's impatience almost cost him his life as he rushed off the ferry, tripped over and narrowly avoided being crushed by the vessel.

The boat can be seen coming in to shore, reportedly in South America, according to, and the man disembarks from the walkway reaches the water's edge.

However, as he's getting off, he trips over and falls under the oncoming boat.

A kind stranger steps in and helps him get out of the way in time, but it's a pretty hair-raising few seconds.

A number of comments were left on YouTube with one harsh critic writing: "If you're stupid enough to think that you can float off of a ferry than maybe you should get crushed by it before you have a chance to pass on your genes."

Another wrote simply: "What a complete t***."

While one user praised the others around him, writing: "The guy helping him put himself at major risk too. Props to that man."

The man seems unharmed by the incident, and dusts himself off before moving on, probably feeling a little bit silly as well as very lucky.

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