Hippos save struggling duckling at Rotterdam Zoo (video)

The baby duckling finally makes it out of the water with help from new friends

Friendly Hippos Save Struggling Duckling in Rotterdam Zoo
Who says hippos are fierce?

This video show that they can be really rather nice.

Watch how this duckling, struggling to make its way out of the water, is rescued by a couple of enormous hippos.

The woman filming the video can be heard saying to her son in Dutch: "I think the hippo wants to help him, but he keeps running away."

As the duckling continues to make unsuccessful attempts at getting out of the water the hippo swims away only to return with a friend.

At this point it seems the spectators fear there may not be a happy ending as the woman says: "I hope they're not going to eat him!"

Luckily for the baby duckling the hippos obviously sensed his distress and eventually managed to help the little bird make his way out of the pool, at which point he goes haring away to find his family again.

Baby zoo animals around the world

Baby zoo animals around the world

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