23 animals you've probably never heard of

Lamprey? Gerenuk? Yep, they're real creatures...

A what? 23 animals you've probably never heard of

The world is full of weird and wonderful creatures - in fact, experts estimate there could be anything from two million to 50 million species of animals on Earth.

And, with 10,000 species of animals discovered each year, there's no surprises that there's some pretty strange and scary critters out there - as well as some super-cute ones.

For example, there's a wild cat called a Margay that lives in South America and has eyes so big it could give Puss in Boots a run for his money.

In Liberia, there's a teeny tiny antelope called a zebra duiker, which is a little ball of stripy sweetness.

On the not-so-cute scale, did you know there was something called a giant isopod that looks like a 14-inch woodlouse? Or that in Japan there's a crab that exists with 12ft legs? Yup, really.

If you're ever in the Australian desert, you might come across a thorny dragon, which pretty much looks exactly as it sounds, but is actually kinda cute.

Another scary creature that looks like it jumped straight out of a sci-fi film? The goblin shark, a rare deep-sea shark with terrifying teeth and a creepy long snout.

Then you've just got the downright bizarre, like our little red-lipped batfish friend (above).

Check out the gallery below for more fabulous, freaky and creepy creatures.

23 animals you probably didn't know existed

23 animals you probably didn't know existed

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