Iceland: Land of the midnight sun - Rejkavik from above

Drone captures aerial view of the land that never gets dark

Downtown reykjavik at sunset, Iceland

Drone Captures Midnight Sunset Over Iceland

During the summer, the west coast of Iceland is a perfect place for witnessing one of nature's most magnificent shows on Earth: the setting of the midnight sun.

If you're visiting during this period, you'll be treated to some awe-inspiring displays, where the skies blaze in shades of pink and gold that intensify in those few magic moments before dusk. The sun then stays just below the horizon, casting a spell of glorious, gloaming illumination until it rises again at dawn.

Downtown reykjavik at sunset, IcelandDowntown reykjavik at sunset, Iceland

As this video shows, Reykjavík is particularly well situated for such scenic observations, with some fantastic locations to take snapshots, including the lighthouse at Grotta in Seltjarnarnes, or on the waterfront by Sólfar – the Sun Voyager sculpture. The Perlan, a furutistic dome-shaped revolving cocktail bar, is another great place to see the impressive displays of light and colour.

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