July could sizzle at 33C - but Glastonbury and Wimbledon will be washouts

UK weather could see above-average temperatures for July

UK weather: July could see 33C temperatures but Glastonbury will be washout

Glastonbury and Wimbledon are set to be washouts - but Britain could see spells of soaring 33C temperatures from late July, say weather experts.

According to the Mirror, these hot spells will be shortlived, breaking up week-long rain showers.

Weather Services International told the paper that Glastonbury will be a mud bath, with showers predicted on its dates of 24 to 28 June.

Wimbledon, which starts a day later, is also set to be a rain-fest.

UK weather: July could see 33C temperatures but Glastonbury will be washout

Forecaster say that hot air from Africa will boost temperatures into the 30s in late July, but these sunny spells are not likely to turn into a long heatwave, instead merely punctuating rainy spells.

The Metro is also reporting that above-average temperatures are predicted for June, July and August, "with highs of up to 33C expected from late July as hot air from Africa comes to the UK".

Looking to the next couple of weeks, Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, says we can expect a mixed bag, with sunshine returning next week.

He told Aol Travel: "It will be mainly fine weather until Wednesday this week, but cool and some chilly nights.

"Air temperatures generally 2 to 3C below the early June normal in the mid to upper teens Celsius. The sunshine strong though.

"Pressure will fall from Thursday and there's the risk of rain reaching the south.

"There's some uncertainty on the detail from Thursday, but low pressure is expected to move northwards from France.

"There's cool easterly breezes ahead of it and rain then spreading northwards across southern to central Britain.

"There is risk of some slow-moving heavy rain over southern to central Britain on Friday and Saturday.

"The weather looks to improve from Sunday as pressure builds again, but there's a cool north east wind for eastern areas.

"It will become warmer next week with plenty of sunshine before rain threatens the west late in the week."

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