Angry passenger in ticket row stood in front of train to stop it

Man thrown off train marched onto tracks in Exeter

Angry passenger in ticket row stood in front of train to stop it

A frustrated rail passenger at the centre of a ticket row stopped a train from moving - by getting off and standing in the middle of the tracks.

Jason Rcihards, 34, boarded a train at Whimple railway station in Devon, and tried to buy a ticket on board, but his credit card wasn't working.

He was told to get off and use the machine on the platform at Whimple.

He did get off but was worried his card would be swallowed by the machine, so he got back on the train and offered to pay the £10 fare to Exeter in cash.

The conductor refused and put his luggage on the platform. Richards said the door was locked behind him and he was frustrated as he had offered to pay for the ticket.

So, he took his possessions and stood 20 yards in front of the train on the track on the main Exeter to Waterloo line.

Richards admitted a charge under the Malicious Damage Act of obstructing an engine using the railway by an unlawful act.

According to the Exeter Express and Echo, his defence lawyer Peter Seigne said: "He is sorry for his actions, he did not know it was an offence."

Mr Seigne said the incident happened at 11.29am on 28 January and Richards only stood in front of the engine for '19 seconds' before he was allowed back on.

He added: "He accepts it was a foolish thing to do. It wasn't a high speed train, nothing like that. He is a regular train user and travels frequently between Axminster and Exeter. He always intended to pay.

"He took a rather bizarre and unusual step to make his point, out of frustration."

He was given a 12 months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £50 compensation to the railway.

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