United Express crew put out plane fire mid-air

Fire broke out in cockpit during flight


United Express crew put out plane fire mid-air

A United Express crew were forced to extinguish a fire that broke out on the plane mid-air before making an emergency landing on Friday.

The small commuter plane was carrying 36 passengers and three crew members from Newark Liberty International Airport to Hartford, Connecticut.

But the plane was diverted to Bradley, 15 miles north of Hartford, after one of the pilots reported the fire to air traffic control.

In audio obtained by ABC News, the pilot says: "We have a fire in the cockpit. "We're going to declare an emergency.

"Okay, we have window heat assist, got some smoke in the cockpit. We have, uh, there is a flame but I think we'll be able to get it on the ground quickly. We have a visual."

The plane landed safely and all passengers were evacuated and taken by bus to the terminal.

According to the Daily Mail, one passenger, Joe Marinello, said the pilot announced there was a fire in the cockpit and that the plane would make an emergency landing.

Passenger were requested to pass up fire extinguishers. Joe said: "We collected them and brought them up front. I would say the pilots and the one stewardess did a great job."

Joel Raymond, a spokesman for the airline, told ABC News: "At approximately 12.15pm, CommutAir flight 4776, operating as United Express, reported a fire in the cockpit while on approach into Hartford.

"We are very thankful for the quick response of our flight crew to ensure the safety of our passengers.

"The aircraft has been removed from service and will undergo a thorough maintenance evaluation."

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