British tourist saved by Facebook photo after 350ft Greece cliff fall

Woman uploaded picture of her location to Facebook


British woman saved by Facebook after Greece cliff fall

A British tourist has told how Facebook helped save her life after falling 350ft from a cliff on holiday in Greece.

Sandi Allcock, 55, had jetted off to Crete after being made redundant in February 2014.

She decided to take a stroll along a picturesque clifftop when the ground suddenly gave way beneath her.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: "When I opened my eyes, I was teetering on a ledge with a 1,000ft drop beneath me.

"My arms were stuck in two olive bushes, which had stopped me from toppling to my death.

"It was terrifying. I could only move my right arm – the rest of my body was in agony."

Sandi was able to call emergency services on her phone, but could only describe her location as being able to see rocks and sea.

After an hour and a half her battery was running low and she was becoming dehydrated in the heat.

Sandi said: "It was terrifying, I spent precious moments trying to describe my view to emergency services but was getting nowhere.

"Putting a photo of where I was on Facebook was a way to quickly communicate where I was – I knew someone was bound to recognise my location or know someone who would."

Thankfully, a local scuba diver recognised where she was and was able to direct rescue teams to save her.

The rescue operation took eight hours and she was told she was lucky to be alive her fracturing 20 bones, including eight ribs, her pelvis, both shoulders, seven spinal fractures, and a dislocated collar bone.

She spent three weeks in hospital, and was well enough to fly back to the UK three months later.

She added: "Nobody would have found me if it hadn't been for Facebook."

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