Mystery creature causes panic in Taiwan (video)

Green slimy alien snake thing discovered by fisherman


Mystery Creature Causes Panic in Taiwan

This terrifying sea creature has been causing a bit of a panic in Taiwan - because no one knows what on earth it is.

Fisherman Wei Cheng Jian encountered this 'strange alien like snake thing' while fishing in a port in Penghu. He shared the clip to his Facebook page soon afterwards asking if anyone could help him identify it.

The strange green mass seems to be some kind of ribbon worm, but poor Wei Cheng Jian remains unsure, and more than a little nervous.

We haven't seen anything quite so weird since this terrifying-looking sea creature was discovered by a fisherman in Borneo.

Although surely nothing will ever match this skinless snake that was discovered in Brazil and looks like - er- well decide for yourself...

Do you know what this green slimy sea creature is? Can you help? Let us know!

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