The nationality most likely to steal from hotel rooms is...

If you thought it was the Brits, you'd be wrong!

Argentinians most likely to steal from hotel rooms

A new survey has revealed that nearly half of British travellers steal things from hotel rooms.

A poll of 28 nations asked travellers how likely they were to take something from a hotel room - and although Brits scored highly (46 per cent), it found that Argentinian travellers were the most likely to take things home from hotel rooms, with almost three quarters (73 per cent) admitting to stealing items or products from their rooms when they check out.

The study, conducted by, spoke to nearly 5,000 participants.

Travellers from Singapore came in second place (71 per cent) while Spain was close behind taking third place with 70 per cent.

The UK came in at 16th place behind New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands and just in front of Brazil.

Travellers from the UK said that hotel stationary topped the list of most popular items to 'borrow' from hotel rooms, with a quarter of UK participants admiting to taking pens and paper more than anything else.

Toiletries and slippers also scored highly

And the nation least likely to steal from hotel rooms? Bottom of the list were Colombian and Norwegian travellers with just 31 and 33 per cent respectively admitting to pilfering from a hotel.

Carolina Annand of said, "It is staggering to think just how many items must go missing in hotels every year, besides toiletries! It's nice to leave with a memento of a fabulous trip, and accidentally taking items like the room key shows that customers are clearly checking out relaxed and in 'holiday mode' after an enjoyable hotel stay."

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