Roasted mealworms, anyone? Restaurant selling creepy crawlies pops up Cardiff

Rentokil's Pestaurant serves up cheesey crickets, mealworms and scorpions

Pop-Up Resturant in Cardiff Serves Up Bugs for Lunch

Rentokil Pop-up Pestaurant opens in Cardiff
Most diners would demand to see the manager if they found a bug in their food, but shoppers in Cardiff could not get enough creepy crawly insects when a food stall with a difference scuttled into the city centre.

Pest control firm Rentokil set up its Pestaurant in the Welsh capital's Queen Street with a menu which included sour cream and onion crickets, cheddar cheese mealworms and worm lollipops.

The one-off event was part of Global Pestaurant Day with organisers saying people should consider the benefits of having more insects in their diet.

Rentokil product manager Berwen Evans said: "As little as 100g of crickets contains just 121 calories, compared to 288 calories in the same amount of beef. Words: PA.

Rentokil Pop-up Pestaurant opens in Cardiff

"And it's worth noting that cattle require 12 times more feed to produce the same amount of protein as crickets.

"For some people the idea of eating insects does have a 'yuk factor', but there are two billion people worldwide who already supplement their diet with insects."

And it seemed that the unusual eatery - which handed out an array of edible creepy crawlies for free - proved a hit with curious Cardiff shoppers.

Janet Bowen, 54, said: "I was a bit grossed out at first, but after having seen (TV show) I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! I was intrigued to give it a go.

Rentokil Pop-up Pestaurant - London

"I was pleasantly surprised actually - they may look a bit disgusting but they don't taste it. I've taken home a scorpion lollipop for my grandson as a surprise."

Also getting a piece of the action was edible insect fan - or entomophagist - and BugBitesUK website founder Nadiah Harun Hanley, from Weston-Super-Mare.

She said: "What's so great about eating insects? They're delicious and it's also something new and exciting that you cook.

"Grasshoppers are my favourite right now - they taste like fried chicken."

Weird food around the world. Picky eater? Look away now!

Weird food around the world. Picky eater? Look away now!

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