Five things airlines don't want you to know (video)

Which day to travel on, what you're entitled to and when you should book

five things airlines don't tell you about booking your ticket

5 Things Airlines Don't Want You to Know
Five things airlines don't want you to know
With check-in times, baggage and boarding passes to keep up with it's handy to know some inside tips on how to make the most of your opportunities while travelling.

This handy video gives you some insider tips on when the best time to buy a ticket is, which days you should travel on and what you're entitled to if your flight is delayed.

So, when is the best time for you to buy a ticket?

54 days before your flight is thought to be the best time to buy - and Tuesdays are generally the best option too.

Airlines post their flight sales on Monday night and then on Tuesdays they battle to match prices and stay competitive.

Experts say that travelling on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days because carriers have less business passengers and have extra tickets they need to fill.

The US Department of Transportation say that if a flight is heavily delayed or cancelled you can get your money back, even on a non-refundable fare.

Similarly, if you get bumped because of an overbooked flight you may be entitled to some cash unless the airline can get you to your destination within two hours of your flight.

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