Man feared killed by crocodile after swimming in river

Stanley Charlie went missing 10 days ago

Crocodile swimming

Police fear a 65-year-old man who went swimming in an Australian river was attacked by a crocodile.

Stanley Charlie went missing from a yacht moored in the Endeavour River, Queensland on 20 May.

It is believed he entered the water and swam towards mangroves.

The Courier Mail reports that he had not been in contact since that night.

Far Northern District Acting Chief Superintendent Brett Schafferius said: "We've got grave concerns for his safety. There are crocodiles in that river."

Police have appealed for public assistance to help locate the man and concerns for his safety are growing as he has now been missing for 10 days.

The Daily Mail reports that Mr Charlie is described as Aboriginal, approximately 170cm tall with a slim build, short grey hair, a full long beard and brown eyes.

In March, a dog was killed and eaten by a crocodile near a boat ramp on a riverbank in Queensland.

The incident occurred in the village of Marton, north of Cooktown, about 150 metres from a boat ramp on the Endeavour River.

Steven Nicolau, who was fishing off the boat ramp at the time, saw the incident and explained: "It grabbed the dog by the hindquarters. The dog was trying to bite back, it was squealing.

"It wasn't a good sight but the other dog ran, came running past me and straight home.

"I went and saw the owner of [that] dog on my way home from the boat ramp and let him know.

"He said it's not the first time that his dog had witnessed a croc attack so yeah, it's a little bit lucky his dog."

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