Love locks to be removed from bridges in Paris

Romantics will need to find a new way to express their love in the city


Tens of thousands of 'love locks' on Paris' bridges are to be removed from Monday.

City officials say all locks will be cut off of the French capital's bridges after part of the Pont des Arts bridge collapsed under the weight last year.

Traditionally, lovers write their initials on the padlocks before locking them onto the bridge and throwing the keys into the River Seine.

"This phenomenon generates two problems: a lasting degradation of the heritage of Paris and also a risk to the safety of visitors, Parisians and tourists," a spokesman for the town hall said.

According to the Independent, the bridge parapets will be encased in glass to prevent the locks from returning.

The Pont de l'Archeveche, near the Notre Dame, will also have locks removed.

The BBC reports that paintings will replace the locks over the summer before the transparent panels are put in place.

"We want Paris to remain the capital of love and romance," said Bruno Julliard, Paris' deputy mayor.

He added that there would be new ways for romantics to express their love in the city.

In 2012, Verona decided to clamp down on lovers' notes left in the courtyard where Juliet's balcony is located by handing out fines of up to 500 euros to anyone caught sticking chewing gum and Post-it notes on the walls.

The romantic World Heritage-listed city's most popular attraction had been defaced as a result of tattered scraps of paper and hardened blobs of gum causing the unsightly mess.

The new decree, drawn up by Verona city council, prohibits chewing gum and adhesive Post-it notes from being stuck on the walls. The consumption of food and drink in the courtyard of the famous house will also be banned.

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