Angry ram charges car that interrupts his fight (video)

Impatient driver taught a lesson

Angry ram charges car that interrupts his fight (video)

A video captured on a motorist's mobile phone shows why you should never interrupt a pair of angry fighting rams.

A family stops on a road to wait for the action to unfurl, while a silver car can be seen approaching in the background.

The two rams are caught on camera literally butting heads.

The animals pull apart for a few seconds, and the driver of the silver car seizes his chance to pass through the battle ground.

However, one ram is already getting ready to charge again, and smashes into the front side of the car as it drives through, leaving a large-looking hole.

And, don't worry, the car appeared to be more damaged than the ram, as the animal immediately went back to battling with its original enemy.

YouTube users left a number of comments under the video, including: "This is why it's called a 'ram'", and: "Good thing they have this video for their insurance claim!:)", as well as: "Really speaks to the build quality of cars today."

Another wrote: "Could the victim driver pick out the ram in a police lineup?", while one tried to explain the behaviour, writing: "They do it so they can make sure the growth of the horn goes upwards instead of inwards."

Animal islands

Animal islands

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Animal photobombs

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