Two bears get into furious fight over rubbish bin (video)

The bears were recorded in battle on the streets of Towaco, New Jersey


New Jersey bears fighting over rubbish can
This hilarious video clip shows the moment two bears fall out over a rubbish bin in Towaco, New Jersey.

The two animals appear to approach the can at the same time before realising they are both hoping to get their hands on the contents.

The bears immediately pull back onto their hind legs before the battle commences.

However, the fight is over quickly with only a few swipes thrown at each other before one of the brown bears gives up on the fight, clearly realising the contents of the bin isn't as appealing as first thought.

It seems the bears aren't an unusual sighting in the New Jersey neighbourhood however.

According to the Mirror, Tracey Bednash who took the footage told NBC 4 New York: "It's not uncommon for them to come around here on garbage day and ransack the cans.

"The huge mama bear was seen around the neighbourhood the past week or two. I'm sure she was lurking around."

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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