Truck driver boards ferry over plank 'bridge' (video)

Unnerving moment man drives car over two wobbly planks

Truck driver boards ferry over plank 'bridge' (video)

Never mind walking the plank, one motorist decided to drive the plank to board a ferry in his truck.

The driver can be seen inching the vehicle onto two decidedly unsafe-looking wobbly planks in order to board the waiting ferry.

Undeterred by the unnerving lack of sturdiness, the man continues with his bid in front of a crowd of people, and amazingly manages to make it onto the boat without damaging the car - or himself.

A number of people have commented on the video online. One YouTube user wrote: "I want to see the video of the 1000 point turn he had to make on that dock to get the right angle to board."

Another said: "Wow at first I was scared the board was going to break and then I was disappointed when it didn't."

Over on, another user wondered how the truck got into position to board like that in the first place, writing: "How did they get it onto the dock in that position? Did they just drive it out, and then pick it up and turn 90 degrees? There's no way there is enough space there to do even a 50 point turn."

Someone else scratching their head said: "Jesus christ, I wonder what made risking dumping your truck into the water worth it", while another simply wrote: "Wow, that's insane."

And one user was marvelling at the strength of the wood, saying: "What tree are those planks from because god damn..."

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