Shocking moment passenger pulls off plane window (video)

TAM flyer 'told it was no problem'


A plane passenger has uploaded a video of himself holding the protective layer of an aircraft window to YouTube.

Eduardo Caram was waiting in his seat before his flight departed when he discovered the panel had become loose.

When he told a member of the cabin crew, they said it was not a problem.

Writing a comment on YouTube, Caram said: "I talked to the flight attendant and he said there was no problem because it is only a protection."

One YouTube user responded: "This protective window layer could frighten some passengers. Thank you! Now I know that its safe to fly like that".

In October, an American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing after part of the plane tore open mid-air.

Passengers said they heard a "loud bang" and the Boeing 757 started to tear apart at the seam, exposing the aircraft's insulation.

The flight from San Francisco to Dallas turned around an hour into the flight because of a possible blown air duct, American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller told

One of the passengers, James Wilson, from Texas, said people started screaming as they saw the cracks.

Pilots share their top ten views from the air

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