Cyclist jumps red light and crashes into bus (video)

Cyclist comes forward to explain what happened at junction


A video of a cyclist jumping a red light and crashing into a double-decker bus seconds later has gone viral.

The video, filmed by a motorcyclist and posted on YouTube, shows the man passing the red light between Portland Street and Oxford Street in Manchester on May 18.

Commenting with the post, YouTube user Captf wrote: "Very short one. On the way home tonight, witnessed a red light jumping cyclist meet the side of a bus.

"I have zero sympathies for the guy. But, he was OK in the end."

YouTube user charlie baker responded to the video, admitting he was the cyclist.

He wrote: "It was me. Thought i'd just get the lights, hence the speed. Realised it wasn't happening, squeezed the front brake. Cable snapped. Not enough time to lose speed on back wheel in the wet. Not fun."

Captf replied: "Sorry for the way this has gone out virally [I had no idea it would kick off so much], as the shares have not been my doing.

"I can only comment on what I see... But, I can accept that your front brake failed; however, the video shows you pedalling forward until you've passed the stop line. It's at the crossing it looks like you hit the 'oh, shi' moment.

"I can also accept that the taxi jumping the light may not have helped your perceptions [and I honestly didn't even realise he had jumped it, as I had become more focused on you], but the light changed when you were 10-15m back, and you continued to pedal."

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