Giant jellyfish surrounds snorkeler in Dorset (video)

Steve Trewhella swam with monster jellyfish off Kimmeridge


An underwater photographer captured the moment he and his grandson swam close to a giant jellyfish off the coast of Dorset.

Steve Trewhella was snorkelling with his 10-year-old grandson Finn when they saw the 4ft-long barrel jellyfish.

The photographer used an optical illusion to make the huge creature appear bigger than it is but a video he posted on YouTube shows the jellyfish appearing as big as him.

According to the Daily Mirror, Steve discovered more than 100 of the jellyfish just a mile off Kimmeridge.

The 51-year-old believes there are thousands of the 100lb creatures just a few miles from the Dorset coast.

Speaking to the Torquay Herald Express, he said: "Finn had never seen one and I hoped we might be able to spot a couple and he would be able to get into the water with one.

"We never expected to stumble across more than we knew what to do with.

"They were wonderful and such magnificent animals, and you just can't help but be impressed when you see a 4ft-long jellyfish by your side."

Last year, a number of barrel jellyfish were spotted in the sea and washed up on beaches along the Dorset coast.

The Marine Conservation Society warned that the larger than life marine animals could become a regular sighting if the hot weather continues.

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