Is this the 'most relaxing film in the world'?

Tourist board video 'reduced heart rates' in city-dwellers

Is this the 'most relaxing video in the world'?

A video created by a Danish tourist board has been self-titled as 'The World's Most Relaxing Film'. It's a big claim, so does it live up to the hype?

The footage features a series of stunning scenery in Zealand, Denmark's largest island, from forest images, to waves lapping on the beach and beautiful sunsets - all set to whimsical piano music in the background.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by creator Visit Vestsjælland, with the caption: "It has been recorded based on the advice of experts from the fields of stress, mindfulness, nature therapy, medicine and music therapy."

According to the Standard, the seven-minute clip was tested on a packed cinema of "busy city folk", who were fitted with pulse monitors.

It was found that heart rates decreased by more than 10 per cent at the cinema screening by the tourist board.

One member of the test audience told the Local: "Pleasant music, wonderful pictures – it gave me a sense of inner peace."

We know lots of people are too busy to watch a seven-minute video, but check it out below - and see if you emerge a new 'zen' person afterwards. Deep breaths...

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