Woman dies during sex in car after vehicle rolls into river

Couple didn't realise the handbrake wasn't on

Woman dies during sex in car after vehicle rolls into river

A woman has died after an afternoon sex romp turned into a tragic accident when the car the couple were in rolled into a river.

The pair had been enjoying a picnic and a few drinks at the River Kuban in Russia.

They decided to make love in their car, but reportedly did not notice the handbrake wasn't on, and the vehicle rolled into the river.

They were allegedly so inebriated, they didn't realise they had rolled into the river until water started flooding in.

According to the Mirror, the man was able to escape by kicking in a window, but the woman, 35, drowned.

He attempted to save his partner but not could not reach her because the car was sinking so quickly.

According to the Daily Mail, police spokesman Natalia Smyatskaya said: "We received a call from the distraught husband saying his wife had drowned in a lake.

"When officers arrived they found a large number of empty bottles at the scene and the man admitted they had been drinking quite heavily.

"It is likely that the reason he was unable to save her was because of his inebriated state."

He is now receiving counselling for shock.

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