14 places not to go on holiday

White sand beaches, beautiful views... sunshine galore... so what's the catch?


Looking for somewhere idyllic, scenic and just darn gorgeous for a holiday? Then don't choose any of these destinations for your next trip. Because these places, boasting sink-your-toes-in white sandy beaches, lush green rainforests and balmy weather, are so beautiful that there is a very real danger that you'll never want to go home. And that would be a really bad thing, right?

To be honest, this little selection of pristine holiday destinations are paradise on Earth. Just look at this remote beach in Australia with its warm, turquoise water and powder soft sand - plus no crowds. Bliss! No one in their right minds would ever want to go back to mundane real life after spending time here.

From a Robinson Crusoe-esque island in Indonesia to a wild and beautiful private Scottish isle and the awe-inspiring red canyons of Utah, these are the places to avoid at all costs if you ever want to enjoy your day-to-day life again. Alternatively, of course, you could just ignore our advice, drop everything and go - or at the very least put them on your holiday bucket list.

Whether you're looking for 2015 holiday ideas or fancy getting away from it all for a few minutes during your coffee break, take a browse and see if you think you could bear to visit these places...

Paradise escapes: The only drawback is you won't want to go home

Paradise escapes: The only drawback is you won't want to go home

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