Cyclist praised for saving fellow biker from drowning in River Lea

'Hero' cyclist jumped saved Eli Heilpern who had fallen off his bike


Eli Heilpern cyclist saved drowning hero River Lea
A kind stranger who saved a man from drowning in the River Lea this weekend has been branded a 'hero'.

The cyclist jumped into the river without hesitation to save Eli Heilpern who had fallen into the water while cycling along the river bank in Hackney, east London.

The property management consultant lost his balance over an uneven section of the path and went flying into the water as his friends rode ahead, the Evening Standard reports.

When they heard Mr Heilpern's cries for help, they tried to pull him from the water while the mystery cyclist dived in to the water to come to his aid.

The cyclist, who is reported to be called Dave Ellis, saved the man from drowning and helped him onto the river bank.

Shulem Stern, a friend of the victim, said that Mr Heilpern had only suffered minor injuries but was keen to track down his rescuer.

Mr Stern said: "I was really impressed by [what he did]. He just did it for a complete stranger. He did not need to jump in. He went the extra step to go into the water and help someone he did not know. It was a really special thing. It was really appreciated.

"Eli would like to know who the man was to be able to thank him properly."

According to the Jewish Chronicle, the man promptly left the scene after the incident without leaving any details.

Speaking of the incident, Mr Heilpern said: "It all happened so quickly. It was heart-warming to know what he did. My friends were a bit lost at the time and this guy just jumped in. It was very kind indeed. I want to thank him for what he did."

He added: "I think the moral of the story is that London is a great place with great people. Some railings on the river wouldn't do any harm either."

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