Britain set for invasion of killer ants and wasps, warn experts

Warm spring has created perfect conditions for insects


Experts say Britain will be hit by deadly pharaoh ants and flying insects this summer.

The mild spring will also lead to an increase in wasp nests.

Tom Frost, of Pure Pest Management, told the Daily Mirror: "The biggest problem will be the wasps – but the ones you really don't want are pharaoh ants.

"When people use standard ant poison, the worker ants send messages to warn others that they are under attack. The colony then splits up to survive."

Pharaoh ants originate in the tropics and can spread potentially fatal infections including typhoid and dysentery.

British Pest Control Association figures have revealed that problems with wasps increased by around 87 per cent in the UK last year compared to 2013.

Rob Simpson, of pest controllers register Basis Prompt, told the Daily Mail: "The annual wasp population in the UK is very much dependent on weather conditions.

"Colder winters often mean there are more wasps about the following summer as mated queens spend the period deep in hibernation."

He added: "This year, temperatures were relatively cold during the winter and have so far been warm in spring, so we're expecting our members to receive a deluge of calls."

So what's the best way to avoid being stung by a wasp? These three tips will help.

1 First and foremost, don't get into a flap when they're around - this will agitate them and make them far more likely to sting. Stay calm and slowly walk away.

2. Never disturb a wasp's nest. They look like papery tunnels (see above) and if you go near it you are asking for trouble. Wasps will defend their territory to death.

3. Wasps are attracted to the colours yellow and white. They also love sweet food and drink, and are lured by lights in the early evening. Makes sense to avoid all these things.

World's deadliest insects

World's deadliest insects

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