Driver caught washing car in town fountain (video)

Motorist chased by police after using water feature as car wash


A motorist was chased by police after washing his car in a town centre fountain.

A bizarre video shows the driver of the silver Vauxhall Insignia driving round the Bullring water feature in the centre of Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

As a police car approaches, the driver makes a getaway and officers follow him down the high street, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Inspector Ian Williams, of Wakefield Police, told the Wakefield Express: "The driver's actions can only be described as anti-social and inconsiderate behaviour at best. I am pleased to say officers were on hand to deal with it on this occasion.

"The area is used by both elderly and young people throughout the day and this type of driving is not acceptable and will not be tolerated."

Police did not say whether the motorist was arrested.

Last year, soapy liquid was filmed flowing into Glasgow's River Clyde making it look more like a bubble bath than a river.

The foam, which flowed through Glasgow's City Centre, was caused by a car wash that poured away a powerful liquid that travelled down pipes and ended up in the river.

The suds stretched a mile down the river and started frothing towards the river bank.

Strange driving laws around the world

Strange driving laws around the world

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