Baby penguins stolen from aquarium in 'student prank'

Three chicks taken from Aalesund Aquarium in Norway

Penguin Theft in Norway!

Three baby penguins were stolen from an aquarium in Norway on Friday.

Police believe the chicks were taken in a student prank and charged six youths for endangering animals by breaking into the aquarium.

The penguin chicks and one egg were stolen from Aalesund Aquarium on Thursday in what was described as a "tragedy" as penguin chicks cannot survive very long outside their nests.

Police investigator Rita Thoresen told Reuters: "None of them admits taking the penguins."

According to Sky News, more than 100 volunteers are helping police search for the penguins in the countryside around the aquarium.

The chicks are around three weeks old and weigh only 300 grams each.

Last month, a stolen dog dumped by callous thieves engineered a rescue by flagging down a passing RSPCA van more than 100 miles from its home.

Alfie the Yorkshire Terrier brought charity inspector Stephanie Law's van to a halt on a country road in Buckinghamshire, after dashing out of nearby woodland and into the middle of the lane, barking.

Braking to a stop, Ms Law opened her door only for Alfie to immediately jump inside.

The RSCPA officer scanned its microchip, revealing the dog to be a seven-year-old terrier stolen from a house in Wednesbury in the West Midlands.

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