Animal rights group 'liberate' lobsters from Dublin restaurant tank (video)

9 lobsters stolen from eaterie and returned to the ocean

Animal rights group 'liberate' lobsters from Dublin restaurant tank (video)

A group of animal rights activist freed nine lobster by walking into a Dublin restaurant and taking them from the fish tank before returning them to the ocean.

The group say they 'liberated' the crustaceans from the Ka Shing Chinese restaurant on Wicklow Street.

National Animal Rights Association (Nara) posted the video online and suggested about 11 activists were involved.

They joined forces with Direct Action For Animals and the Alliance For Animal Rights for the 'catch and release'.

According to The Journal, three or four people removed the cover from the fish tank and placed the lobsters in plastic bags while the others distracted staff.

The lobsters were then released back into the sea at Clontarf.

Spokesperson Laura Broxson says the group "fully stand by their actions".

"We liberated them openly, because we are 100% behind our belief that it was the morally correct thing to do. What we did was an act of compassion, and we have no regrets."

According to RTE News, she added: "If it was cats and dogs in a tank in a restaurant people would have a problem with it.

"We are willing to face any legal consequences brought to us because now these lobsters have a chance of living instead of being boiled alive and eaten."

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