Giant squid washes up on beach in New Zealand

Massive sea creature found at South Bay, Kaikoura


This giant squid washed up on a beach on New Zealand's South Island this week.

Residents of South Bay in Kaikoura walking along the beach were shocked to discover the monstrous marine animal.

According to New Zealand's Marlborough Express, the squid has since been taken to Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium.

The centre has released information about the squid on their Facebook page.

They said: "Before the birds got to it - we got help to move it to the aquarium where it is safe inside a freezer with glass windows so you can see it. On display until we can do more with it."

Local resident Bruce Bennett walks his dog on the beach most mornings and came across the giant squid at around 8.30am this morning.

He said that the mammoth animal wasn't on the beach on Tuesday so it must have washed up on to the shore on Tuesday evening.

In 2013 another 8 metre long giant squid was found floating off the coast of Kaikoura.

Despite this, Bruce said he had never seen a giant squid in real life before.

He said: "I wish it had been a lump of [whale] ambergris,"

Adding: "I've found old fishing floats and bits and pieces of other stuff, never any ambergris."

Ambergis can be found in the sea or washed up on shorelines and is best known for its use in creating perfumes and fragrances.

In January 2013, one lucky beach walker in Morecambe, Lancashire thought he had come across the highly prized substance in such a quantity it would have been worth £100,000.

But unfortunately, Ken Wilman later found out the 3kg lump was totally worthless.

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