The world's weirdest islands where animals rule

Love a cute, furry rabbit? Check out Japan's Okunoshima Island and more islands overrun with animals


The world is full of weird, remote and totally incredible islands, but what you're about to see is not what you'd expect on your idyllic island escape: animals, and lots of them.

Some of the animals are cute and furry, like the rabbits on Japan's Okunoshima Island, or the pigs found swimming around an uninhabited island of the Bahamas. Others are not to be messed with, such as the deadly snakes on Brazil's Ilha da Queimada Grande, the Golden Lancehead Viper, one of the most venomous species in the world. The 43-hectare 'Snake Island' is said to have one snake per square metre, with people banned from the island by the Brazilian Navy.

These islands overrun with animals are definitely not for the faint-hearted. They're where creatures outnumber humans and make for an extremely unusual and often risky island getaway. Some you will want to visit, like America's Assateague Island where beautiful wild horses can be viewed from a distance, or Hawaiian island Kauai where chickens roam free, while others you will want to avoid. You won't find us exploring the remote jungle of Guam, which is teeming with spiders thanks to the brown tree snakes devouring most of the island's birds.

Take a tour of the islands with more animals than people...

Animal islands

Animal islands

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