4 dead as plane crashes onto highway in Atlanta

Atlanta plane crashes just minutes after takeoff

4 dead as plane crashes onto highway in Atlanta

Four people have been killed after a plane crashed onto a busy motorway in Atlanta.

The aircraft was flying over a 10-lane interchange called Interstate 285 when it plunged to the ground just minutes after taking off from the DeKalb–Peachtree Airport on Friday morning.

Four Dead After Plane Crashes Onto Atlanta Highway

Businessman Greg Byrd, 53, was flying the Piper PA-32 plane when it crashed, bursting into flames upon impact.

His two sons, Phillip Byrd and Christopher Byrd, as well as his fiancee Jackie Kulzer, also died in the crash.

It is believed the family dog was also a victim.

According to the Mirror, the plane managed to avoid crashing into any cars. Captain Eric Jackson of the DeKalb County Fire Department, said: "It's a miracle, literally a miracle, that no other cars were hit."

Speaking to USA Today, motorist Don McGhee, 48, said: "It looked like it was struggling. You could see him trying to get the nose of the plane up. It was edging up, and then it just dropped.

"It was just a huge fire, just smoke and fire."

According to CNN, McGhee added: "I ran across the field to see what was going on and see if I could help somebody, but it was gone by then, it was done.

"It was like a bomb being dropped or something."

The site adds that the family were on their way to attend the graduation of Byrd's youngest son, Robert, from the University of Mississippi.

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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