Runaway zoo chimpanzee shot and killed in Spain

Outrage after police shoot runaway chimp

Escaped zoo chimpanzee shot and killed in Majorca

Police have shot and killed a chimpanzee that escaped from a zoo in Majorca.

Companions Adam and Eve both escaped from the Sa Coma Safari Zoo after bending the metal bars of their cage.

The Civil Guard police force launched a search and found Eve in the nearby town of Son Carrio, and she was then killed by forest rangers.

The decision to kill the female chimp has been blasted by animal rights groups.

According to 9 News, a police spokesman defended the move, telling AFP: "She was very agitated and there was a risk that she might attack a member of the search party.

"It wasn't possible to use tranquiliser darts because on animals that big it takes about five minutes to have an effect, which could have given her time to attack."

The search for Adam continues in a wooded area on the island, which is a hotspot with British holidaymakers.

The Civil Guard spokesman told the Mirror: "A male chimpanzee that escaped from the safari zoo in Sa Coma remains at large.

"All efforts will be made to spare its life and use a tranquilliser gun if possible but officers have got orders to shoot on sight and kill the animal if necessary.

"Human safety has to take priority. Ground searches as well as air searches as well as Civil Guard helicopter took place immediately after the escape and will be used again."

Speaking about Eve, Javier Moreno of the Spanish animal rights group Igualdad Animal said it was "a sad and unjust end to an even sadder life, lived behind bars".

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