Chris Evans refused boarding on BA flight he had ticket for

Radio 2 presenter told the flight was full

Chris Evans refused boarding on BA flight he had ticket for

Chris Evans was left scratching his head after British Airways refused to let him board a flight - despite the fact he had a ticket.

The DJ was trying to fly home from Nice in time for his morning show on Radio 2, but was told that his flight was full, despite arriving on time with a valid ticket.

He tweeted: "British Airways. So let me get this right. I have a ticket but I'm not on the flight. Can you tell the BBC why I won't be in wok tmr pls?

"No, this is really happening. I've driven to Nice to get on a plane which I have a ticket for and they have just said sorry, no. Unbelievable!

He continued to live-tweet the situation with a series of updates, including how BA offered him "preferential treatment" which he declined, and how he found a bar companion to kill time with.

A spokesman for British Airways told the Western Daily Press: "We are very sorry that some of our customers were delayed after we had to transfer them onto a slightly later flight. They all returned to Heathrow Airport last night, an hour later than originally planned.

"Like all major airlines, we overbook a number of our flights in order to keep fares low. Customers are usually unaware but on this occasion we're sorry that we were not able to seat everybody on the flight."

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