British man dies in Magaluf balcony plunge

58-year-old British tourist had died in Magaluf 'suicide'

British man, 58, dies in Magaluf balcony plunge

A British man has plunged to his death from an apartment balcony in the holiday resort of Magaluf in Majorca, Spain.

Police are reportedly treating the death as suicide.

The man is thought to have been with his wife and child at the time of the incident, which occurred at 10.40pm on Saturday night.

A police spokesman told the Mirror: "He was here with his wife and a child. We are treating this death as a case of suicide."

A British expat speaking to the paper was not impressed with the handling of the situation, saying: "The police didn't do a very good job of clearing up the scene.

"There's still a lot of blood on the floor. There's a lot of balcony deaths here every year and they'd left the scene after barely three hours."

"They treated it like a cat in the road to be honest."

Magaluf is keen to clean up its image of a go-to area for drunken and debauched behaviour.

Back in March, it was announced that holidaymakers will be banned from drinking on the streets of Magaluf this summer.

Town hall bosses have presented new rules designed to prevent the drunken sex scandals that rocked the Majorcan resort last year.

Under the new proposals, expected to be introduced from May 1, police will have powers to seize drinks from tourists on the street between 10pm and 8am.

There will also be drastic restrictions to the pub crawls which led to a British teenage girl performing sex acts on two dozen men at a Magaluf bar.

Shops will not be able to sell alcohol between midnight and 8am.

There will also be fines for anyone taking part in or encouraging "balconing", a craze which sees tourists jump from their hotel balconies which has led to several deaths in Spain in recent years.

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