British boy mauled by sea lion on 10th birthday at Tenerife zoo

Boy has 'chunk' bitten out of leg

Boy mauled by sea lion on 10th birthday at Tenerife zoo

A British boy has been attacked by a sea lion at a zoo in Tenerife.

Ronnie Green, from Hertford, visited the Jungle Park in Los Cristianos for his 10th birthday, and went swimming with the sea lion for a treat.

Ronnie's mum Vanessa, 44, said the pair seemed to be having a "great time int he pool for the first five minutes" before the sea lion turned on Ronnie and bit a chunk out of his leg.

Speaking to the Mirror, Vanessa said: "I was watching through the glass. There was nothing I could do apart from scream too. Ronnie was pulled out and my husband Steven carried him up the hill. There was blood everywhere. He was hysterical.

"In some ways, he is lucky to be alive. If it had bitten him on the face or in the neck goodness knows what would have happened."

She added said the zoo did not offer medical help, but put them in a cab and sent them to the hospital.

Vanessa said the incident ruined the rest of the holiday and said she didn't blame the sea lion, adding: "There comes a point when you have to blame the people who have them captive and not the animal."

Meanwhile, just last month, a man told how he was attacked by a sea lion trying to steal his fish.

Dan Carlin, from Carmel Valley, California, was posing with his catch of the day for a photo taken by his wife Trish when the sea lion lunged out of the water and attacked in an attempt to steal the fish.

He was dragged underwater in the incident, which he described as "terrifying".

The Carlins have told their story to warn parents that sea lions can be aggressive, and that "you should not let your children get within 10 feet of them".

Britain's amazing sea life

Britain's amazing sea life

Wonders of the sea

Wonders of the sea

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