900 people rescued from stranded London train

Power cut causes chaos for thousands of London commuters

900 people rescued from stranded London train

More than 900 people had to be evacuated from a train after a power supply problem caused chaos for commuters at Clapham Junction.

An electrical problem between Wandsworth Common and Clapham Junction on Thursday caused Victoria station services to be suspended.

According to the BBC, a displaced conductor rail caused damage to six trains on Thursday, leaving commuters stranded for up to five hours.

The London Fire Brigade was called in and helped rescue around 900 people from a train stuck between stations, while police and paramedics handed out water to those stuck without air conditioning.

One commuter, Anna Roberts, who works in Victoria, was stuck on a Brighton-to-London train well after 11am.

Speaking to the Guardian on Thursday, she said: "It's been nearly four hours now. Police and paramedics boarded our train because there is no air conditioning. They said they were bringing water but not enough for everyone to have one bottle each.

"Eventually we got water in plastic containers, which we are passing around the carriage. We were told that was all that was available. With the power off, it's like an oven in here. Police have said it's too dangerous to walk down the track."

A Network Rail spokesman said: "Getting people off the train on to tracks is not something we do lightly."

The company is still looking into the circumstances behind the incident.

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