Bank holiday weather forecast: Get your brollies out

Experts are warning of mixed weather this weekend

Massive rain clouds at sunset with a skyline of foothills.

The sun will make an appearance in some parts this weekend, but those looking forward to the Bank Holiday are warned to expect unsettled weather.

Above-average temperatures of 18C (64.4F) in the south on Monday will make it pleasant early on, but a band of rain moving in from the continent may bring the three-day break to a soggy end.

The rainy start to the month is in stark contrast to a largely dry and warmer-than-average April when temperatures crept into the mid-20Cs. WORDS: PA.

But while conditions may be a little disappointing for some, others might be glad of the rain, Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna suggested.

"It will be unsettled at times but we're still seeing some above-average temperatures for the time of year so it won't be a complete write-off," he said.

"April has been a warm, dry and sunny month, so the rain is probably much-needed from some areas."

Today is set to be a dry, fine day for most, but a slow-moving band of cloud across Devon and Cornwall will bring some rain showers, with the rain moving across the country over the course of the weekend.

Tomorrow showers could turn heavy and it will become breezy but the north and east are expected to stay largely dry with sunshine and fine conditions, according to Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will see the most persistent rainfall, with the wet weather having progressed north-east by Sunday, while the south-west enjoys the best of the sunshine.

Mr Petagna said: "There will be some sunshine coming through for southern parts of England and Wales on Sunday with a south-westerly wind bringing temperatures up into the high teens."

Parts of Scotland will even see some hill snow by the end of the weekend.

The north will have to be content with a high of 14C (57.2F) on Monday, while southern parts enjoy a few degrees extra warmth.

Indeed, the good news for gardeners is we should at last get some milder nights throughout the weekend after some cold recent nights (the temperature at Katesbridge plummeted to minus 8C/17.6F last Sunday night).

So, for those planning outdoor activities this bank holiday weekend, the best chance of dry conditions look to be the further north and east you are on Saturday and then more generally across the UK on Monday.

However, with showers or rain never too far away throughout the three days, it is probably worthwhile making sure your umbrellas and waterproofs are always close to hand.

Weather sayings: True or false?

Weather sayings: True or false?

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