Woman who lost both legs under train was SUED by British Rail

Diana Morgan-Hill has written a book about her traumatic experience following the accident at Wandsworth Common station


A woman who lost both of her legs after falling under a train in London was sued by British Rail just days after coming out of intensive care.

Diana Morgan-Hill was rushing for a train when she put one foot on the step and the train jolted forward, causing her to lose her balance and fall between the platform and running board, the Daily Mail reports.

She screamed but the train did not stop and Diana fell under the wheels.

The businesswoman, now 54, miraculously survived but became a double amputee.

The accident happened in 1990 when she was trying to board the train at Wandsworth Common to meet a friend.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Diana, who walks with prosthetic legs, says the train was stationary when she tried to step onto the carriage. But just days after nearly losing her life, British Rail said they were suing her.

In her new book Love & Justice: A Compelling True Story Of Triumph Over Tragedy, Diana writes that after her accident, the press said she had boarded a moving train and trespassed onto the railway line.

After a five-year legal battle with British Rail, she was awarded £634,000 when a judge found that the train company was 70 per cent to blame for Diana's accident as the guard had not applied the emergency brake in time or shouted a warning.

"My fight with what was then British Rail was worse even than losing my legs," she said.

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