Row between traffic warden and taxi driver as ticket issued following crash

A video captures the moment a traffic warden issues ticket after accident

Row between traffic warden and taxi driver as ticket issued following crash

A video has captured the moment a traffic warden in Manchester tried to hand a ticket to a taxi driver who had just been involved in an accident.

The taxi driver records the situation on his phone, and can be heard telling the warden: "You do realise I've had an accident."

He explains that he can't move his car and that he is waiting for the AA to arrive.

The woman takes umbrage to being filmed, and tries to push the man's phone away, and he tries to stop her. She then appears to suggest he assaulted her, showing a "red mark".

She is later seen telling a passerby that the taxi driver "hit her", however, it appears he was trying to defend his right to use his camera while explaining that he can't move his car.

The video has now gone viral on YouTube and social media, with many people defending the traffic warden for "doing her job", while many other blasted her for issuing the ticket and refusing to listen to what the driver was trying to tell her.

A Manchester council spokesman said: "We have clear guidelines and our traffic wardens are instructed not to issue parking tickets in circumstances where motorists have been forced to park following road traffic accidents.

"In this case, a ticket clearly should not have been given and if one was issued it will not be enforced.

"We are now reviewing the incident along with our contractors at NSL."

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