Zelfie! Tourist gets amazing selfie with zebra

Lucky tourist's zebra selfie goes viral


Zelfie! Tourist gets amazing selfie with zebra on safari

A German tourist had a very close encounter with a zebra - and made sure he got it on camera.

Reddit user LongTimeLurker90 posted the photo with the caption: 'Got pulled over by a Zebra. Took a Selfie!'

He called the animal a 'horse in a black and white suit trying to say hello', reports the Mirror.

A number of people commented on the pic, with one user writing: "Wipe his nose and give him a sugar cube. NOW."

Another said: "Excuse me, can I get a tissue for my runny nose, please?"

One wrote simply: "ZEBROMANCE", while another joked: "You mean a zelfie?"

Others were quick to point out that zebras are wild animals and could be dangerous. One said: "Zebras have jaws that lock shut when they bite. If you p*** it off it will not let go until it has bitten a chunk off your arse..."

Another warned: "I would NOT let a zebra near my vehicle if at all possible; they are mean f****** and they bite as well as kick."

According to the Metro, he replied: "I have deep respect for wild animals and know how to be responsible and careful."

He added that the zebra was "super friendly" and that he gave it a carrot after the encounter.

Animal photobombs

Animal photobombs

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