Fight breaks out on London to Muscat flight over legroom

Man attacked fellow passenger with shoe and punched him repeatedly

London UK London Heathrow Airport (LHR) Oman Air Airbus A 330 coming into land.

Two passengers got into a blazing row over legroom on a flight from Heathrow on Saturday.

Oman Air flight 102 was on its way to Muscat when the incident occurred, the Mirror reports.

The fight is thought to have started when one passenger moved seats because the flight was relatively empty.

A fellow passenger objected to the invasion of his space at which point one of the men began to throw punches.

It is also thought he removed one of his shoes to continue his attack on his fellow passenger.

A passenger sitting close to the pair pleaded with the men to stop, reportedly screaming: "Stop it, stop it there's a baby here."

When the plane landed in the capital the man was taken away for questioning after the plane's pilot radioed ahead to report the incident.

One passenger said: "The flight was quite empty and when one man moved seats another objected to his space being taken up.

"Before we knew up there was a full scale brawl."

They also said that one of the men had lost his temper and began throwing punches at the other passenger, eventually the flight crew were made aware of the fight and the man was calmed down.

The passenger added: "It was pretty terrifying especially with the Germanwings tragedy only happening last month.

"Most people were asleep as it was just after midnight but they were woken up by the commotion."

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