David Haye's passport seized at Dubai airport over bounced cheque

Boxer arrested on Dubai holiday after being accused of 'fraud'

David Haye's passport seized on Dubai holiday over bounced cheque

David Haye is stuck in Dubai after his passport was seized when he landed at the airport for a holiday.

The boxer was stopped at Dubai International Airport after a £341,000 cheque he had written allegedly bounced.

His passport was seized after his details flagged him up on a wanted list in the UAE country. It is thought the cheque was a final instalment on a property he is buying in Dubai.

Haye was arrested and put in a cell at the Bur Dubai police station. The Daily Mail reports that he missed a mixed martial arts event in Birmingham at the weekend as a result.

Writing cheques that later bounce is considered fraud in Dubai, and can be met with large fines or even jail time, reports the Mirror.

But David insists it's all just an admin error.

Speaking to The Sun, David said: "The cheque was presented to the bank four days before I landed. It was not due to be presented until final completion of my property, which is due in a few weeks.

"This was an administrative error which is being rectified. I explained to the police and presented documents as proof. But I totally understand these mistakes can happen."

He was released from custody after giving up his passport the same day as he was arrested, and has since been making the most of his time in Dubai while staying with a friend on the Palm Jumeirah island development.

David shared some pictures of his trip on Twitter, revealing he enjoyed a Robbie Williams concert and has been keeping up with his favourite tea.

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