Turkish Airlines flight makes emergency landing after engine fire (video)

Passenger plane landed at airport with right engine on fire


A passenger flight from Istanbul to Milan made an emergency landing when one of its engines caught fire after take-off.

A video shows the Turkish Airlines plane returning to Ataturk International Airport with its right engine on fire on Friday.

Bloomberg reports that ground vehicles and fire engines were waiting for the Airbus 320 aircraft and "intervened" immediately after the plane landed.

According to aviation news website Airport Haber, the plane reported a crack in the cockpit window.

Turkish Airlines spokesman Ali Genc told The Associated Press on Saturday that it was not clear if the plane, flight TK 1878, caught fire as it landed or earlier.

The pilots asked to make an emergency landing when a first attempt to land failed, he said.

AP added that the flight ran off the runway when it landed.

All 97 passengers were safely evacuated after the fire was extinguished.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the incident.

Last year, a Flybe flight from Glasgow to Belfast was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine fire.

Flight BE130, which was en route to Belfast City Airport, was diverted to Belfast International Airport.

The airline said the plane was met by emergency services "as a routine and precautionary measure".

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