Kate's uncle asks Twitter for help after cyclist 'runs over his Chihuahua'

Gary Goldsmith appeals for help in tracking down "evil" cyclist


The Duchess of Cambridge's uncle Gary has taken to Twitter for help finding an "evil" cyclist who he says ran over his dog in Regent's Park.

Gary Goldsmith, the brother of Carole Middleton, posted a photo of the alleged cyclist who he claims left his Chihuahua Cheech for dead.

According to the Daily Mail, Gary was on a cycle ride when the incident happened in Regent's Park as his wife Julie-Ann took the couple's dogs for a walk.

Speaking to the Mail, he said: "The dogs were a few feet away from her when a cyclist, wearing headphones, just came out of nowhere. He was going far too fast and didn't slow down.

"Suddenly he went over Cheech with both wheels. Cheech yelped and did a parachute roll before lying down on his side. He looked dead."

Writing on Twitter, Mr Goldsmith said: "Dear Twitter this man ran over my dog on his bike in Regents Park, will u please help me find him (RT's appreciated)".

Speaking to The Sun, Gary said: "It was horrific.

"He wouldn't have done that if I had been there."

The dog was taken to a vet before the incident was reported to police.

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